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Is your mortgage adviser supporting you through the whole process?

As a team of mortgage and protection advisers, we understand only too well that mortgages are stressful. Buying a home is among the most stressful activities you can do.

Will you get the home you want, will the mortgage go through in time? Is there anything you need to know about the house that you’re buying? The list goes on and on.

The journey to buying your dream home can be stressful
Buying your dream home can be a stressful time for many people

Supporting your journey to a successful mortgage

That’s why we work really closely with our clients to help them through the whole process. We offer a helping hand to find the best deals, favourable interest rates. We’ll search the market for mortgage and protection products that fit your needs.

We’re happy to talk through your concerns, fears, anxieties, and work through everything with you.

Sometimes refinancing a home can be a result of a bereavement or divorce. It’s not always a positive experience and we understand that. We’re here for you when you need extra help, advice, and support during difficult times.

Extra help during Coronavirus so you can manage your stress

Right now we’re living through hard times as the battle against Coronavirus rages on across the globe. So different for so many people for lots of reasons.

There’s a great resource here for people working at home

working from home during covid 19
Working from home needs planning and organisation

We know ow that mortgages are stressful so we’re here if you have fears and concerns about your mortgage.

You might need some advice on freezing it for a while to manage your finances. Or you might be in limbo with your house sale or purchase and worried that the chain might collapse. Or many other reasons at the moment that could cause great stress.

But anything is easier to face when you share your thoughts and concerns. Buying a house or looking after family finances are no different. The Liddle Perrett team offers you support and a friendly shoulder when you need it.

Mortgages are stressful right? So pick up the phone we’re here to help!

Call us to discuss your mortgage requirements
Our team is ready to help

And there’s some great advice here from the Mental Health Foundation https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/how-to-mental-health

And we’ve got one more resource to share- our sister company Identity Resource has published a series of blogs to help you manage stress: